Climate Variability, Climate Change and Fisheries

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Mai 2005



This unique volume addresses the potential implications of global warming for fisheries and the societies which depend on them.


1. Introduction; 2. King Crab dethroned; 3. The rise and fall of the California sardine empire; 4. El Nino and variability in the Northeastern Pacific salmon fishery: implications for coping with climate change; 5. The US Gulf shrimp fishery; 6. The Menhaden fishery: interactions of climate, industry and society; 7. Maine lobster industry; 8. Human responses to the weather-induced catastrophes in a West Mexican fishery; 9. Irruption of sea lamprey in the upper Great Lakes: analogous events to those that may follow climate warming; 10. North Sea herring fluctuations; 11. Atlanto-Scandian herring: a case study; 12. Global warming impacts on living marine resources: the Anglo-Icelandic cod wars as an analogy; 13. Adjustments of Polish fisheries to changes in the environment; 14. Climate-dependent fluctuations in the Far Eastern sardine population and their impacts on fisheries and society; 15. The Peru-Chilean eastern Pacific fisheries and climatic oscillation; 16. Climate change, the Indian Ocean tuna fishery, and empiricism; 17. Summary.


'I recommend this book to anyone interested in fisheries management.' Journal of Applied Ecology
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