Highly Excited Atoms

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An introduction to the physics of highly excited, easily perturbed or interacting atoms.


Preface; 1. Closed shells, sphericity, stability and 'magic numbers'; 2. Rydberg states; 3. Quantum defect theory for bound states; 4. Atomic f-values; 5. Centrifugal barrier effects; 6. Autoionisation; 7. Inner shell and double excitation spectra; 8. K-Matrix theory of autoionising resonances; 9. Atoms in high laser fields; 10. Statistical methods and 'quantum chaology'; 11. Atomic effects in solids; 12. Atomic clusters; References; Index.


'One of the strengths of this book is its connectivity: topics as diverse as metallic clusters, high power laser effects on matter, Rydberg atoms and quantum chaology are sewn together with remarkable continuity, such that the book reads like a good novel ... This graduate level textbook should be accessible to those with a good grounding in quantum mechanics and basic spectroscopy, and is potentially of interest to a range of physical chemists using VUV and X-ray probes of the character of chemical systems in both gaseous and condensed media.' T. P. Softley, Chemistry in Britain 'This is an excellent and important new monograph on the wide range of physics that is studied using atomic systems. This substantial monograph is very clearly written and contains a wealth of informative diagrams. I am sure that all serious students of atomic systems in physics and chemistry should have access to it. Undergraduates wanting to look into the new physics in the field will benefit from dipping into the volume. The author is to be congratulated in producing what will surely become a classic for the field of atomic and molecular physics.' K. Burnett, Journal of Modern Optics
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