Dynamics in Atmospheric Physics

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August 2005



A text for first year graduate students in atmospheric sciences.


Preface; 1. Introductory remarks; 2. Simple energy balance climate models; 3. Effect of transport on composition; 4. 'Statics' of a rotating system; 5. Observed atmospheric structures; 6. Equations of motion; 7. Symmetric circulation models; 8. Internal gravity waves, 1; 9. Atmospheric tides; 10. Internal gravity waves, 2; 11. Rissby waves and the Gulf stream; 12. Vorticity and quasi-geostrophy; 13. The generation of eddies by instability, 1; 14. Instability 2: energetics and climate implications; Postscripts; Appendix - Gravity wave program; References.


'Written with wit, peppered with personal anecdotes, and illustrated with simple physical problems, this text is a pleasure to read and acts as a useful reference book as well.' Howard B. Bluestein, The Times Higher Education Supplement
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