United We Brand: How to Create a Cohesive Brand That's Seen, Heard, and Remembered

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April 2003



MOST EXECUTIVES KNOW their company's values and brand message, but often they fail to make sure that everyone else knows them too. The result? A weak brand that conveys different messages inside the company--and out in the marketplace. United We Brand offers a hands-on action plan for building a cohesive brand strategy from the ground up. Drawing from two decades of experience creating brand identities for companies including Dell, Cisco, and Kia Motors, Mike Moser provides a proven template for transforming disparate, "fuzzy" brand information into a concrete guidepost for making day-to-day branding decisions. Called the "Brand Roadmap, " this valuable tool enables organizations of all sizes and kinds to leverage insights and strategies once only available through big gun consulting and ad agencies. Step-by-step, it guides readers through the four key components of brand strategy: identifying core values, creating a focused brand message, developing a distinctive brand personality, and choosing a consistent set of brand icons. Filled with vivid case examples and practical worksheets, United We Brand is essential for anyone involved in charting a company's distinctive path to success.


Preface; 1. You're Five Steps Away from Having a Customized Brand; 2. Core Brand Values; 3. Core Brand Message; 4. Brand Personality; 5. Brand Icons; 6. Your Brand Roadmap; Notes; Index; About the Author


Mike Moser was a principal in the US $500MM San Francisco agency Goldberg Moser ONeil for 16 years.
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