Maximizing Performance and Scalability with IBM Websphere

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Dezember 2003



* Describes the IBM WebSphere versions 4.0 and 5.0 architecture from a nuts and bolts level, giving visibility to the technology and underlying WebSphere platform design
* Describes how to proactively manage the performance of an IBM WebSphere v4 or v5 platform
* Thorough descriptions of tuning WebSphere with performance and robustness in mind
* Teaches the reader how to develop custom IBM WebSphere performance monitoring and management tools


1 The Need for Performance.- 2 WebSphere Scalability and Availability.- 3 WebSphere 4 and 5 Component Architectures.- 4 WebSphere Infrastructure Design.- 5 WebSphere Deployment and Network Architecture.- 6 WebSphere Platform Performance, Tuning, and Optimization.- 7 WebSphere Failover and High Availability Considerations.- 8 External WebSphere System Availability.- 9 WebSphere EJB and Web Container Performance.- 10 Developing High-Performance WebSphere Applications.- 11 WebSphere Database Performance and Optimization.- 12 Legacy Integration: Performance Optimization.- 13 Performance Management Tooling.- 14 Profiling and Benchmarking WebSphere.


Adam Neat is a consulting manager for Accenture LLC, the world's leading IT management and consultancy firm. Adam is the Australian & New Zealand e-Infrastructure lead (covering technical architecture areas such as host systems, storage systems, operating systems, and all things in-between) within the Communications & High Technology market unit. At Accenture, he is recognized as a global expert in infrastructure architectures. Adam is a member of the Accenture Architecture and Core Technologies domain within his global region, where he provides specialty expertise in technical architectures which cover technologies such as J2EE, Java, MQ, CORBA; middleware; large-scale systems; application design and architecture; and the deployment, configuration, and management of enterprise application servers such as IBM's WebSphere, BEA's WebLogic, and Sun's SunOne Application Server. Adam is also heavily involved in the integration and production optimization of large scale Unix-based databases (DB2 and Oracle).
Adam holds a degree in Computing Information Systems and Hardware technologies from Monash University, has various certificates on Unix and NT platforms such as HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Microsoft NT and Digital Unix (Tru64 Unix, and is a full member of the Australia Institute of Management (AIMM).

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