Social Scientists Meet the Media

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"Part chronicle, part analysis and part advice manual, Social Scientists Meets the Media combines the thoughts of academics and media people to produce a vivid and valuable series of accounts that will prove of service to all academics seeking a wider audience but wary of the terra incognita they face in finding one" Ellis Cashmore, Staffordshire University
Social Scientists know they are in a dilemma: their work may fall prey to sensationalism, but at the same time they don't want to be overlooked. Social Scientists Meet the Media collects the experiences of academics who have sought to publicize their research. It contains personal accounts from social scientists with extensive media contact and representatives from radio, television and the press. Based on these often humorous and sometimes chastening accounts, the editors suggest ways to achieve a more fruitful relationship between social scientists and the media.


Introduction Cheryl Haslam and Alan Bryman Section I SOCIAL SCIENTISTS 1. If You Want Publicity ... Call an Estate Agent? obert Burgess 2. The Psychologist and the Media: Opportunities, Challenges and Dangers Cary L. Cooper 3. The Sociologist as Media Football: Reminiscences and Preliminary Reflections Eric Dunning 4. Media vs. Reality? Hans J.Eysenck 5. The Research Dissemination Minefield Cheryl Haslam and Alan Bryman 6. Sex and Dinosaurs Helen Haste 7. Pornography's Piggy in the Middle: Pressure Groups, the Media, and Research Dennis Howitt 8. Tales of Expertise and Experience: Sociological Reasoning and Populat Representation Graham Murdock 9. Media Representations of Psychology: Deigrationa nd Popularisation, or Worthy Dissemination of Knowledge? Jane Ussher 10. Contributing to Broadcast News Analysis and Current Affairs Documentaries: Challenges and Pitfalls Paul Wilkinson SECTION II THE MEDIA 11. Productive Partners - the View from Radio Peter Evans 12. Television's Dangerous Liaisons Martin Freeth 13. From Scince to Journalism Oliver Gillie 14. Social Scientists and the Media: An Overview Cheryl Haslam and Alan Bryman


Cheryl Haslam is Lecturer in Psychology at the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Leicester University. Alan Bryman is Professor of Social Research, Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University.

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