Animals and Disease: An Introduction to the History of Comparative Medicine

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Juni 2005



An analysis of the origins and development of the study of infectious, epidemic diseases in animals and man.


1. Attitudes to animal health and disease in the ancient world; 2. From the dark ages to the dawn of enlightenment; 3. Impact of cattle plague in the early eighteenth century; 4. Cattle plague in England and on the European continent 1714-1780; 5. The first veterinary schools and their corollary: veterinary science in the making; 6. Patterns of veterinary education and professional achievement in England 1750-1900; 7. From transmissibility of Rabies and Glanders to the Bacteridium of Anthrax 1800-1870; 8. Putrid intoxication, animate contagion, and early epidemiology; 9. Establishing professional comparative medicine in nineteenth century France: policies and personalities; 10. British comparative pathology after 1870; 11. The Brown Animal Sanatory Institution; 12. Nineteenth century developments in comparative medicine on the European continent; 13. From European nucleus to world-wide growth of Institutes of Comparative Medicine.


"Regardless of the discipline of an academic veterinarian, I believe this book to be a must in one's reading list as a help in understanding the role of veterinary medicine in its service to mankind." R.B. Talbot, Journal of Veterinary Medical Education "The mastery of primary and secondary sources, wit, and style make this book enjoyable reading." T.P. Gariepy, Choice "...an interesting book that will have special appeal to veterinarians, edidemiologists, and teachers of preventive medicine and public health...should be read by all those who are interested in epidemiology." James H. Steele, New England Journal of Medicine "... an important edition to the literature of veterinary medicine and is not just for history buffs. For those who wish to pursue individual topics further, there are 37 pages of references and annotation." J. Fred Smithcors, Agri-Practice "...traces the history of veterinary medicine from antiquity through virological research in animal pathology conducted at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in the twentieth century...a valuable contribution. It is also topical in the brave new world of baboon liver transplants and speculation about the primate origins of AIDS." Susan E. Lederer, ISIS
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