Film Theory: An Introduction

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September 2006



This book offers an accessible account of film theory for the student and the cinemagoer. It ranges from the late 1960s to the present, a period in which a number of conceptual strands--notably politics, semiotics and psychoanalysis--came together. Lapsely and Westlake chart the construction of this synthesis and its subsequent fragmentation and elucidate the various intellectual currents contributing to it. The first part of the book covers the conceptual background of film theory, dealing with historical materialism, semiotics, and psychoanalysis, while the second part concentrates on particular topics--authorship, narrative, realism, the avant-garde and postmodernism.
This second edition features an extensive retrospective introduction, as well as a fully updated and extended bibliography.


Foreword; Introduction: Film theory: A retrospect; Part one; 1. Politics; 2. Semiotics; 3. Psychoanalysis; Part two; 4. Authorship; 5. Narrative; 6. Realism; 7. The avant-garde; Afterword; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


Robert Lapsley teaches film studies and critical theory at The University of Manchester Michael Westlake is a novelist, translator and scriptwriter. His novels include 'The Triumph of Love' and Other Paintings, 51 Soko and Imaginary Women
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