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August 2003



* Offers a simple and universal cross-platform solution for e-commerce, complex web, and database-driven applications.
* A resource for working PHP developers who want to take their skills to the next level. Includes case studies on a user privilege system and a multi-tiered WML-based shopping cart.
* Covers installation on *nix, Windows, and MacOS X, PHP with PostgreSQL and ODBC, PHP support for LDAP, PHP with MySQL, PHP's interactions with XML, multi-tiered development using PHP, and PHP extension libraries


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Deepak Thomas; Harish Rawat; Wankyu Choi; Jon Parise; James Moore; Luis Argerich; Christopher Scollo; Devon O' Dell; Ken Egervari; John Coggeshall; Martin Geisler; Chris Hubbard; Andrew Hill; Zak Greant; Tarique Sani; Chris Ullman
Deepak Thomas is a Member of Technical Staff with Oracle Corporation. Co-author of "Professional PHP"; he has also contributed to other books on Linux and Java both as an author and a reviewer. His interests include Linux, J2EE technologies, and website deployment issues.
Jon Parise is a long-time contributor to the PHP, PEAR, and Horde projects. He holds a bachelors degree in Information Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is pursuing his Masters in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University. He currently works as an independent consultant.
Harish Rawat is a software developer at Oracle Corporation. He has over nine years of experience in Systems programming. His technical areas of interest include XML,Java and Network Protocols.Co-author of Professional PHP; he has also contributed to other Wrox titles on Linux and Java both as an author and a reviewer.
James Moore is currently living in Bristol having taken a year out in between completing his A-levels at Richard Huish College, Taunton and continuing his studies at University. He is spending this year both working and travelling. Over the past two years James has taken an active role within the PHP Community as a member of the PHP Quality Assurance team and as the PHP-GTK Manual Editor. He has also contributed the Windows API extension to PHP's code base.

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