Paul's Gift from Philippi: Conventions of Gift Exchange and Christian Giving

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April 2004



The first study of Paul's response to the gift of the Philippians in the context of Greek and Roman practices of gift exchange.


Preface; List of Abbreviations;
1. Introduction;
2. Giving and receiving in the Old Testament and extra-biblical Jewish literature;
3. Giving and receiving in the Graeco-Roman world;
4. Partnership in Philippians 1-2;
5. Philippians 4.10-20: Paul's thank-you section;
6. Giving and receiving elsewhere in Paul's letters;
7. Conclusions and Implications;
Appendix A: a selection of Seneca's texts;
Appendix B: other uses of O I KAI AHM[yen]I ;
Appendix C: the support of wandering preachers and philosophers; Bibliography, Index of Greaco-Roman authors, Papyri and inscriptions; Index of biblical books with apocrypha and fathers; Index of modern authors.


"Peterman's work also adds to our knowledge of conventions of social reciprocity in the Greco-Roman world and provides weighty countervailing evidence against arguments that would chop the letter to the Philippians into an assortment of separate letters sent at different times." David E. Garland, Journal of Biblical Literature "...Peterman's book is an important contribution to our understanding of the letter and of Paul's rich theology of Christian giving." James Ware, Religious Studies Review
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