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In Project Management: Achieving Bottom-Line Succe$$ author William J. Pinkerton, explains the strategic thinking, planning, development, and testing processes that must take place to ensure a project's success -- and necessity -- before it's even approved.Successfully utilized in workshops throughout the USA, Canada, and Southeast Asia, this resource reveals how to: -- Determine if projects are needed and how to make sure they succeed-- Develop and execute projects that reflect corporate goals and objectives-- Plan projects with an eye towards tangible bottom-line benefits and eliminate impulse thinking-- Includes more than 125 tips for testing and recording project start-ups


Foreword Preface Acknowledgments CHAPTER ONE: Ventures, Projects, and the Bottom Line CHAPTER TWO: Project Organization--Defining the Need CHAPTER THREE: Defining the Project--Project Risk Factors CHAPTER FOUR: Defining Venture and Corporate Risk CHAPTER FIVE: Preproject Planning CHAPTER SIX: Organizing the Team CHAPTER SEVEN: Project Execution--Design and Procurement CHAPTER EIGHT: Project Execution--Construction and Installation CHAPTER NINE: On-Site (Preoperational) Testing CHAPTER TEN: Commissioning! CHAPTER ELEVEN: Project-Related Training CHAPTER TWELVE: The Smaller Projects CHAPTER THIRTEEN: The Environmental Project CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The Re-Engineering Project CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Project Closeout; Make-Good Analysis CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Measuring Project Success Definitions APPENDIX A: Forms APPENDIX B: Procedures Index


William J. Pinkerton, (Pittsburgh, PA) has over thirty years of experience in many of the world's major projects. This experience includes projects that range from the original Apollo moon-shot series (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Sky-Lab) to a "breeder-reactor" in Washington state; from a billion-dollar nickel mine and refinery in Indonesia to an iron-ore pelletizing plant in Brazil.
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