Project Management

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In Project Management: Achieving Bottom-Line Succe$$ author William J. Pinkerton, explains the strategic thinking, planning, development, and testing processes that must take place to ensure a project's success -- and necessity -- before it's even approved.Successfully utilized in workshops throughout the USA, Canada, and Southeast Asia, this resource reveals how to: -- Determine if projects are needed and how to make sure they succeed-- Develop and execute projects that reflect corporate goals and objectives-- Plan projects with an eye towards tangible bottom-line benefits and eliminate impulse thinking-- Includes more than 125 tips for testing and recording project start-ups


<H4> Foreword<H4> Preface<H4> Acknowledgments<H3> CHAPTER ONE: Ventures, Projects, and the Bottom Line<H3> CHAPTER TWO: Project Organization--Defining the Need<H3> CHAPTER THREE: Defining the Project--Project Risk Factors<H3> CHAPTER FOUR: Defining Venture and Corporate Risk<H3> CHAPTER FIVE: Preproject Planning<H3> CHAPTER SIX: Organizing the Team<H3> CHAPTER SEVEN: Project Execution--Design and Procurement<H3> CHAPTER EIGHT: Project Execution--Construction and Installation<H3> CHAPTER NINE: On-Site (Preoperational) Testing<H3> CHAPTER TEN: Commissioning!<H3> CHAPTER ELEVEN: Project-Related Training<H3> CHAPTER TWELVE: The Smaller Projects<H3> CHAPTER THIRTEEN: The Environmental Project<H3> CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The Re-Engineering Project<H3> CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Project Closeout; Make-Good Analysis<H3> CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Measuring Project Success<H4> Definitions<H4> APPENDIX A: Forms<H4> APPENDIX B: Procedures<H4> Index


William J. Pinkerton, (Pittsburgh, PA) has over thirty years of experience in many of the world's major projects. This experience includes projects that range from the original Apollo moon-shot series (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Sky-Lab) to a "breeder-reactor" in Washington state; from a billion-dollar nickel mine and refinery in Indonesia to an iron-ore pelletizing plant in Brazil.
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