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Building on the tremendous success of The McGraw-Hill Handbook of Business Letters (over 100,000 copies sold), this companion volume features more than 300 model letters and is ideal for virtually any business situation - from new product announcements, to responding to a complaint, to writing a sales promotion letter. Businesspeople will get up-to-date advice on and samples of: the most effective ways to use voice mail, e-mail, and faxes, checklists for reports and presentations; tips on international correspondence; security guidelines for protecting business information; and much more!


About this book.


Using Your Computer Effectively.

Get the Most from Your Computer.

Discover the Internet.

Business Resources When Travelling.


Make Your Letters Look Good.


Fax Correspondence.

Fax Cover Sheet.

Get the Most from Your Faxes.


Get the Most from Your E-Mail.

Voice Mail.

Get the Most from Your Voice Mail.

Getting Words on Paper.

Last but Not Least.

Accept Civic Position.

Accept Membership.

Accept Social Invitation.

Accept Speaking Engagement.

Account Credited.

Account Status Changed.

Acknowledge Cancellation of Service.

Acknowledge Error.

Acknowledge First Order.

Acknowledge Receipt.

Additional Data Needed.

Advertising Promotion.


Agenda Item.

Agenda Overview.

Announce New Business.

Announce Training Classes.

Announcement of Acquisition.

Apology to Customer.

Application Follow-Up.

Apply for Credit Account.

Appreciation Letter.

Approval Needed.


Award Announcement.

"Be Considerate Notice".

Bid Cover Letter.

Bid Proposal.

Bid Request.

Billing Error.

Billing Instructions.

Budget Payment Plan.

Building Security.

Business for Sale.

Business Referral.

Cancel Credit Card.

Change in Job Requirements.

Character Reference.

Clarification of Information.

Close an Open Account.

Collection Letter.

Collection Letter, 30-Day Reminder.

Collection Letter, 60-Day Reminder.

Collection Letter, Over 90 Days.

Collection Letter, Final Notice.

Community Service - Invitation to Join a Board.

Community Service - Volunteers About this book.

Company Outing.

Company Sports.

Condo Maintenance Fee.

Condolence Letter.

Confirm Appointment.

Confirm Decisions.

Confirm Intent.

Confirm Travel Arrangements.

Confirm Verbal Discussion.

Confirmation to Speaker.

Congratulations Letter.

Congratulations on Promotion.

Contract Cover Letter.

Contract Enclosed.

Contract Negotiations.

Contract Renewal.

Convention Request.

Correction Request.

CPR Classes.

Customer Complaint.

Customer Request.

Deadline Approaching.

Decline Corporate Donation.

Decline Invitation.

Decline Invitation to Speak.

Decline Membership.

Decline Social Invitation.

Decline Use of Name.

Delayed Shipment.

Deny Credit.

Deny Customer Request.

Distributor Request.

Donation Request.

Employee Wellness Report.

Error Investigation.

Extend Credit to Cash Customer.

Fact-Finding Report.

Final Settlement.

Follow-Up for Goodwill.

Follow-Up Report to Customer.

Free Offer.

Freelance Agreement.

Get Well Thoughts.

Holidays Greetings.

Informal Agreement.

Informal Invitation.

Information Needed.

Introduce Opportunity.

Investigating Customer Complaint.

Investigation Report.

Invitation For Interview.

Invitation to Try New Product.

Invoice Error.

Job Inquiry.

Job Offer.

Job Rejection.

Job Termination.

Job Warning.

Letter of Appreciation.

Letter to Ex-Customer.

Meeting Materials.

Meeting Recap.

Negative Report on New Product.

New Account Application.

New Homeowner Gift.

New Member Welcome.

New Product Announcement.

New Product Evaluation.

New Product Order.

New Sales Representative.

Nondisclosure Agreement.

Notice of Rate Change.

Offer New Service.

Offer Services.

Opinion Survey.

Order Delayed Pending Payment.

Parking Notice.

Payment Authorized.

Payment Enclosed.

Payment Explanation.

Policy Statement.

Political Support Desired.

Poor Performance on Service Contract.

Poor Quality Product.

Poor Service Complaint.

Positive Report on New Product.

Potential Sale Follow-Up.

Preparation for Research.

Product information Request.

Product Out of Stock.

Progress Report.

Promotion Announcement.

Purchase Recommendation.

Quality Control Review.

Questionnaire Cover Letter.

Rebate Incentive.

Receipt of Unacceptable Substitute.

Recommend Professional Services.

Recommendation to Discontinue Product.

Recommendation for New Procedure.

Recommendation Letter.

Referral Letter.

Reimburse Customer.

Reject Applicant.

Reject Bid.

Report Follow-Up.

Report on Lost Business.

Report Problem.

Request Additional Information.

Request for Advance Preparation.

Request Appointment.

Request for Business Reference.

Request for Changes.

Request for Clarification.

Request Copy of Report.

Request for Different Sales Representative.

Request for Employment Verification.

Request Information.

Request for Information.

Request for Initial Payment.

Request for Interview.

Request from Management.

Request for New Invoice.

Request for Payment.

Request for Payment Consideration.

Request for Payment Extension.

Request for Product Test.

Request to Reprint.

Request to Return Borrowed Materials.

Request for Special Billing.

Request for special Consideration.

Request for Waiver.

Reserve Conference Space.

Resignation Letter.

Response to Competition.

Response to Complaint.

Response to Complaint About Customer Service.

Response To Complaint About Quality.

Response to Customer Complaint.

Response to Customer Query.

Response to Damaged Goods Complaint.

Response to Employee Complaint.

Response to Error Discovered By Customer.

Response to Faulty Product Complaint.

Response to Inquiry.

Response to Invoice Error.

Response to Job Ad.

Response to Progress Report.

Response to Query.

Response to Request for Information.

Response to Request for Unearned Discount.

Response to Service Contract Complaint.

Response to Ultimatum Letter Sent in Error.

Response to Unacceptable Substitute.

Results of Investigation.

Resume Cover Letter.

Retirement Congratulations.

Sales Call Follow-Up.

Sales Call Report.

Sales Follow-Up.

Sales Lead follow-Up.

Sales Letter.

Sales Report.


Seminar Announcement.

Service Provider Request.

Shipment Sent Separately.

Smoking Cessation Classes.

Special Offer to Current Customer.

Specifications List.

Status Report.

Strong Request.

Summary of Findings.

Summer Hours.

Summer Intern Position.

Supplier Problems.

Survey Cover Letter.

Technical Modification.

Termination Agreement.

Thank You with Apology.

Thank You for Business Referral.

Thank you for Donation.

Thank you for Favor.

Thank You for Hospitality.

Thank You for Interview.

Thank You for Professional Assistance.

Thank You for Reference.

Thank You for Service.

Thank You to Speaker.

Thank you for Suggestion.

Thank Your to Subcontractor.

Thank you to Team.

Third-Party Complaint.

Toxic Waste Disposal.

Trade Show Follow-Up.

Ultimatum Letter Received in Error.

Unsolicited Recommendation.

Upgrade Offer.

Verification of Employment.

Welcome New Employee.

Welcome to New Resident.

Written Authorization Needed.

Wrong Item Shipped Twice.


Ann Poe is a noted author and editor who specializing in needle arts. Her clients have included Reader's Digest, Bantam Books, and Simon & Schuster.
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