Oddball Ohio: A Guide to Some Really Strange Places

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Januar 2004



This off-the-wall travel guide presents an Ohio odder than imagined. It wastes no time describing Cedar Point or suggesting scenic bike rides through the Hocking Hills; instead, this entertaining travel companion directs out-of-state adventurers and Buckeye state residents to the home of the world's largest cockroach, an Amish SUV, Egg Shell Land, a two-headed calf, and the Accounting Hall of Fame. Ohio is depicted as the birthplace of bar codes, Airstream trailers, televangelism, Paul Lynde, Alcoholics Anonymous, and the banana split. Odd stories abound, and tales of Ohio as the only state where Jerry Springer has been elected the mayor of a major city, where a brick outhouse is on the National Register of Historic Places, and where Buster the Dog voted for president accompany the site-seeing suggestions. Plenty of photos and maps ensure that this guide is as practical as it is wacky when seeking out wonders such as the Great Pumpkin Watertower, Goodyear's World of Rubber, and Bogart and Bacall's wedding site, then relaxing with a brew at the World's Longest Bar.


Preface; Introduction: Ride the High Country or "They Went Thataway"; Cowboy Codes: Straight & Pure & All Boy; When We were Young: Nostalgia & the Cowboy Hero; Arms & the Man: The Friendly Gun; Give Me My Boots & Saddles: Camp Cowboy; Tall in the Saddle: Romance on the Range; White Hats & White Heroes: Who Is That Other Guy?; Virgin Land: Landscape, Nature, & Masculinity; Corporate Cowboys & the Shaping of a Nation; Postscript - The Frontiersman (1938); List of Films Mentioned; References; Index.


Jerome Pohlen is the author of "Oddball Colorado", "Oddball Florida", "Oddball Illinois", "Oddball Indiana", "Oddball Minnesota", and "Oddball Wisconsin". He is a regular travel commentator for "848" on WBEZ, the Chicago affiliate of National Public Radio, and was the recipient of the Illinois Broadcasters Associated Press Award for Best Essay 2002. He lives in Chicago.


"An interesting read, full of trivia, facts and unusual destinations." -- The Columbus Dispatch. "Great guide to offbeat sites around the state." -- The Buffalo News. "If they ever make bookshelves for automobiles, reserve a slot for Oddball Ohio." -- Ohioana Quarterly. "One irresistible guidebook." -- Chicago Tribune on Oddball Illinois "Thoroughly researched and a hysterical read." -- Washington Post on Oddball Minnesota "[Pohlen's] prose makes reading the Oddball guides a delight." -- Salt Lake Tribune
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