Soviet-British Relations Since the 1970s

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September 2004



This collection brings together empirical and analytical studies of the nature and evolution of Soviet-British relations during the 1980s and looks forward to the 1990s. The relationship is firmly placed within the wider context of Soviet policy toward the West and NATO. The contributors examine mutual perceptions and policy perspectives; Soviet interests and objectives in dealing with Britain; and the role of economic, political, diplomatic, nongovernmental and security factors in determining policy outcomes. A concluding section evaluates the long-term significance of current and potential policy developments on both sides. Soviet-British Relations is the first volume to be produced by the Soviet foreign policy study group at Chatham House, and is published in association with The Royal Institute of International Affairs.


Contributors; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction: pre-perestroika patterns Alex Pravda; 2. The historical perspective Curtis Keeble; 3. Soviet perspectives on Britain and British foreign policy Peter J. S. Duncan; 4. British perspectives on the Soviet Union Michael Clarke; 5. The security dimension Christoph Bluth; 6. Anglo-Soviet relations: political and diplomatic Margot Light; 7. The Soviet Union and the Left in Britain Mike Bowker and Peter Shearman; 8. Anglo-Soviet cultural contacts since 1975 John Morison; 9. Trade relations: patterns and prospects Michael Kaser; 10. Doing business with the USSR Anna Dyer; 11. Conclusion: Soviet-British relations under perestroika Alex Pravda and Peter J. S. Duncan; Index.
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