Fibre Channel for SANs

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Fibre Channel is a high-performance interconnect standard capable of transporting huge amounts of traffic among desktop workstations, mass storage subsystems, peripherals, and host systems at speeds 10 to 250 times faster than typical LANs. This book shows you how Fibre Channel works, and how it integrates with other protocols and systems.


<H3> Introduction. <H3> Chapter 1: Fibre Channel Structure and Concepts. <H3> Chapter 2: Storage Area Networks. <H3> Chapter 3: Mass Storage. <H3> Chapter 4: Example: System Initialization and Data Transfer. <H3> Chapter 5: FC-0: Physical Interface. <H3> Chapter 6: FC-1: 8B/10B Transmission code, Transmitters, and Receivers. <H3> Chapter 7: Ordered Sets, Port States, and Primitive Sequence Protocols. <H3> Chapter 8: FC-2: Frames. <H3> Chapter 9: FC-2: Sequences and Exchanges. <H3> Chapter 10: Login and Logout Services. <H3> Chapter 11: Classes of Service. <H3> Chapter 12: Link Services. <H3> Chapter 13: Error Detection and Recovery. <H3> Chapter 14: Association Management and Other Optional Headers. <H3> Chapter 15: Class 1 Connection Management. <H3> Chapter 16: Flow Control. <H3> Chapter 17: FC-AL: Arbitrated Loop Architecture and Operations. <H3> Chapter 18: FC-4: Mapping IP and SCSI over Fibre Channel.


Dr. Alan F. Benner is currently a network architect and designer at IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory, concentrating on system-level design of communications systems for high-performance and enterprise computing platforms. His most recent work has involved interconnect design for high-performance distributed multiprocessor systems, and architecture definition for the InfiniBandTM architecture for server I/O and clustering.
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