Developing Application Frameworks in .Net

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April 2004



* Provides ready-to-run code for some of the most common tasks that .NET applications need to perform, which readers can incorporate directly into their own applications
* Shows how to develop an extensible application framework that will greatly simplify development using the Microsoft .NET Framework
* Provides examples of advanced object-oriented techniques such as design patterns in the context of real applications
* The complete source code for SAF, which is ready for use and can be modified freely, is available for download
* Deepens knowledge of .NET by showing many different .NET technologies (e.g. Remoting) in action, in a real application - not just illustrative samples


  1. Introduction to Application Frameworks
  2. Dissection of an Application Framework
  3. An Overview of the Simplified Application Framework
  4. Class Factories
  5. Caching Service
  6. The SAF.Configuration Service
  7. SAF.EventNotification
  8. Windows Services
  9. Message Queue Services
  10. Authorization Service
  11. Authentication Service
  12. Cryptography Service 
  13. Transaction Service 
  14. DocumentLayer Service
  15. The Workflow Service


 Xin Chen works as consultant at Avanade. He has been focusing on the architecting and coding of .NET applications for the past two years, in both C# and VB.NET. Prior to .NET, he spent his time on B2B and web-centric application development using DNA technology, XML and BizTalk Server. Xin Chen is also the author for the book "BizTalk Server Design and Implementation" from Apress.

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