Code Generation in Microsoft .NET

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September 2004



* Coverage of all three significant .NET code generation mechanisms: Manual code generation, XSL/XML and CodeDom.

* Includes a database metadata extraction tool based on SQL-92 standards.

* Real solutions to the problem of protecting handcrafted code across regeneration.

* Covers code generation in the broader picture of how applications are developed.

* Includes real world samples for a complete middle tier and simple User Interface.


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Dollard has been involved in the industry for a long time. She started (she claims) by experimenting with programming in junior high. After graduate work, she worked with the computer group at Texaco Research writing Fortran, and helped usher in the age of PCs doing Lotus 123 macros. After working with 4GLs and Clipper, Dollard became an Independent Consultant, ultimately moving to Visual Basic when it became clear that Computer Associates would not release the Windows version of Clipper.
Dollard is well-known for her participation over the last 15 years with on-line communities, including BBS's, Compuserve, Fawcette, DevX and Microsoft public newsgroups. She has been recognized in some form for her online work since 1994 and a Microsoft MVP since 1998. She is also active in the real world communities of user groups - most recently with the Denver Visual Studio User Group and the Northern Colorado .NET SIG startup. A well known writer and speaker, she is currently doing pioneering work in code generation using .NET and XSLT.

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