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* Practically orientated-teaches via a real website design. Reader will leave book with knowledge and a self-created website. All examples are useful in real-world web applications, source code will be available for download, and a case study runs throughout the book bringing together all the concepts learned along the way, demonstrating how it can be applied to the construction of a complete dynamic website.
* Starts off at a low level, accessible to novices and ultimately achieves a much deeper understanding than many other beginner books, maintaining the essential "designer-to-designer" philosophy throughout, but covering both design and development (front- and back-end) of a website.
* Many books in one! Along with Dreamweaver MX 2004, we introduce and use a variety of the best web technologies, like CSS, PHP, Apache, and mySQL. Also includes the all-important compliancy with (and background info on) web standards throughout.


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Craig Grannell
Craig was trained in the fine arts, but later became immersed in digital media, showing videos and multimedia work at leading international media festivals. The web caught his attention in 1995, and he now divides his time between creating websites, writing for various web and design-related magazines, and working on his eclectic Veer Musikal Unit audio project. Information, downloads, music, movies and dancing trees can be found at his website, Snub Communications (www.snubcommunications.com). Craig is a co-author of the original Foundation Dreamweaver MX from friends of ED, and also Dreamweaver MX Design Projects, from glasshaus.


From the reviews:
"Cooler than Jack Nicholson smearing ice-cream on The White Stripes in a freezer. In the Winter. On Pluto!" DMXzone.com
From the reviews:
"I liked this book very much; the style was bright and breezy enough so that it never got boring ... . The learning curve in this book is fast, but not frightening, and it coves all the basics but distinguishes itself by including information on design, the user experience and security which you don't usually see in books aimed at the beginner ... ." (Bruce Lawson, DMXzone, 2004)
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