Internet Babylon

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März 2004



* Looks at the Internet from a morbid, sordid, entertaining perspective rather than a technical how-to perspective

* Makes the Internet fun, fascinating, and non-intimidating for casual users.

* Focuses on well-known actors, politicians, performing artists, and other public figures and how they have been treated online.


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Greg Holden is the author of over twenty books on e-commerce, Web design, and computing. Since 1996, Holden has been a full-time writer of books, articles, and columns on computer and Internet-related topics. .Holden's books include: How to Do Everything with Your eBay Business will publish 7/ 2003, Osborne McGraw-Hill Tips and Tactics for Running Your Business on the Internet, custom publishing division of Inc.com, which also publishes Inc. Magazine, Spring 2000. CliffsNotes Buying and Selling on eBay, a short book in the mold of the famous Cliff's Notes series, published by IDG Books Worldwide in January 2000. Starting an Online Business for Dummies, Second Edition appeared in January 2000. The first edition hit number 13 on the Wall Street Journal's Business bestseller list on July 16, 1999. QuickSite, a CD-ROM-Website solution with a built-in tutorial. Holden wrote this CD that has sold more than 50,000 copies
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Untertitel: Secrets, Scandals, and Shocks on the Information Superhighway. Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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