SQL Server Security Distilled

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* No other book covers all existing versions of SQL Server - this one does.

* No other book contains as detailed explanations of the inner workings of the authentication and authorization processes.

* This book is the result of nearly two years of research, and every example has been tested exhaustively to ensure the book is technically accurate.

* Lewis has been a contributing author to SQL Server Magazine since its inception and trained hundreds of students on SQL Server since 1995; therefore, he knows how to make complex topics understandable to a wide range of people.

* Lewis has consulted with several Fortune 500 companies on various aspects of database administration, and the book draws on his experience to highlight the critical weaknesses commonly found in even large companies with well-trained administrators.

* If properly applied, the recommendations in this book result in a safer, more secure database environment. For example, this book recommended configuring firewalls to block the traffic used by the "Slammer" virus long before the virus became news. Those who read this book and followed its advice slept soundly the weekend that "Slammer" was taking the Internet down.


  1. A Security Roadmap
  2. Authenticating Logins
  3. Database Security in SQL Server 6.5
  4. Database Security in SQL Server 7.0 and 2000
  5. Securing Data on the Network
  6. Designing Security for Applications
  7. Securing Data Transformation Services
  8. Replication Security
  9. Managing Security for SQL Server CE


Morris Lewis has been smitten with Structured Query Language since the first time his professor wrote SELECT * FROM AUTHORS on the chalkboard 14 years ago. He has worked with no other database server since he first installed SQL Server 4.21a on his 16MHZ, Intel 386 computer with all of the 32 megabytes of RAM running Windows NT 3.51 more than 8 years ago...
With the mantra "It is ok to worry if they really are out to get you," he has focused on all aspects of securing Windows and SQL Server since he connected his first server to the Internet, six years ago. Now, he runs a training and consulting company, Holistech Incorporated, that focuses on helping clients create better and more secure database applications, and on teaching them how to avoid the mistakes that can lead to problems in the future.

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