The Ultimate Guide to Sports Marketing

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April 2001



Includes vital industry information, Internet strategies, and moreAn Insider's Look at the Dynamic World of Sports MarketingSports marketing is a prestigious--and challenging--career. "The Ultimate Guide to Sports Marketing," Second Edition," "will show you how to get your foot in the door and, once inside, construct a solid career in virtually any sport-related field you choose.The first book to go behind the scenes to examine "all "the fundamentals--from getting that elusive first job interview to acquiring funding, negotiating contracts, managing event logistics, and more--this integrated approach to sports marketing features: Discussions with top-level professionals who helped establish and define the field The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis--A proven method for identifying internal aspects and external variables that may affect your success Sample agreements for independent contractors, sponsorship, licensing, endorsements, and venues Whether you are managing and marketing sports organizations, products, events, or even the athletes themselves, you must be able to look beyond the games to keep them functioning seamlessly. Let "The Ultimate Guide to Sports Marketing "act as both your guidebook and fingertip reference for entering--and building a career in--the exciting world of today's sports marketing."Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise."--Michael Jordan"The Ultimate Guide to Sports Marketing "is about the fundamentals of sports marketing and event management. How can a sports event be designed to meet the needs of athletes, spectators, and sponsors? If a celebrity is scheduled to be onhand, what type of travel and hotel accommodations must be provided? How can you determine appropriate sponsors for an event--and then demonstrate the benefits of their sponsorship?Sports marketing has become one of today's single most exciting careers. The excitement of bei


Part I: The Role and Scope of Sport Events.
Chapter 1: Understanding the Sport Industry, the Players, and Opportunities.
Chapter 2: Critical Planning to Master the Game.
Chapter 3: Designing, Planning, and Controlling Event Logistics.
Chapter 4: Providing Hospitality at Sport Events.
Chapter 5: Negotiations and Contracts.
Chapter 6: Risk Management: Protecting Your Investment.
Chapter 7: Effectively Recruiting and Leveraging a Sport Celebrity.
Chapter 8: Event Marketing.
Part II: Practical Methods for Achieving Success.
Chapter 9: Financing Sports Events.
Chapter 10: Licensing Agreements and Merchandising.
Chapter 11: The Ins and Outs of Sport Events.
Chapter 12: Sports Tourism: An Economic Catalyst for Cities.
Chapter 13: Charitable Events.
Chapter 14: Closing Ceremonies: Advice to New Sport Event Management and Marketing Professionals.
Part III: Appendices: 1: Sample Agreements. 2: Useful Resources.


Stedman Graham is President of Graham and Associates, a leading sports marketing firm. He is also a successful author, having written You Can Make It Happen, a self help book published by Simon & Schuster. His firm has played a key role in dozens of key events, including the NBA Legends Pride Classic, the Volvo Tennis Tournament and the Walter Payton Celebrity Golf Tournament. Graham has 25 years of experience in amateur and professional sports, and writes a column for Inside Sports Magazine. He is also founder of the very well regarded Athletes Against Drugs, a not for profit organization of athletes and community leaders committed to eliminating drug abuse among the nation's youth. He has served on the Executive Committee for the LPGA Chicago Sun Times Challenge and the Advisory Board for the Crosby Golf Tournament. He is also the Director of the George Washington University Forum for Sport and Event Management and Marketing.
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