Armies in East Africa 1914-1918

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One of the least-published campaigns of World War I (1914-1918) was that fought in East Africa by forces of colonial troops - British Empire, Belgian, Portuguese and German. Short of resources, many European, African and Indian soldiers recorded epics of endurance as they hunted the outnumbered but brilliantly led German colonial forces across a disease-ridden wilderness.
The achievements of Paul von Lettow Vorbeck - the last German commander in the field to lay down his arms - brought him fame and respect comparable to that won by Rommel in World War II. The events and the forces are described here in concise detail, and illustrated with rare photographs and striking colour artworks.


Strategic background - colonial East and Central Africa in 1914; Von Lettow-Vorbeck and his aims; first phase - British repulse at Tanga - German attacks on Uganda, Congo, Rhodesia, Mozambique; general mobilization by both sides; second phase - co-ordinated Allied offensive of 1916; bush fighting - weapons, tactics, logistics; final phase - Lettow-Vorbeck's expedition into Mozambique and Rhodesia; wartime developments in the armies - the King's African Rifles; evaluation of the forces involved; uniforms - German, British, Belgian, Portuguese.


Peter Abbott has co-authored several titles for Osprey, including Men-at-Arms 131: 'Germany's Eastern Front Allies 1941-45' and Men-at-Arms 202: 'Modern African Wars 2: Angola and Mozambique'. Raffaele Ruggeri lives and works in Bologna, Italy. He has a particular personal interest in the armies and forces of the Ottoman Empire, and has illustrated several titles for Osprey on this subject.

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