Acculturation: Advances in Theory, Measurement, and Applied Research

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Januar 2003



This volume takes an interdisciplinary approach that includes theory and data relevant to the four major ethnic minority groups: African Americans, Asian Americans, American Indians, and Hispanics/Latinos. Contributors examine recent developments in the theoretical analysis of acculturation as a culture-learning process and recent developments in measuring acculturation.


Conceptual Approaches to Acculturation, John W. Berry; Major Approaches to the Measurement of Acculturation Among Ethnic Minority Populations - A Content Analysis and an Alternative Empirical Strategy, Nolan Zane, Winnie Mak; Ethnic Identity and Acculturation, Jean S. Phinney; Acculturation and Changes in Cutlural Values, Gerardo Marin, Raymond J. Gamba; Acculturation Among Ethnic Minority Families, Kevin M. Chun, Phillip K. Akutsu; The Influence of Acculturation Processes on the Family, Daniel A. Santisteban, Victoria B. Mitrani; Overview of the Relation Between Acculturation and Ethnic Minority Mental Health, Pamela Balls Organista, Kurt C. Organista, Karen Kurasaki; Acculturation and Physical Health in Racial/Ethnic Minorities, Hector F. Myers, Norma Rodriguez; Acculturation, Psychological Distress and Alcohol Use - Investigating the Effects of Ethnic Identity and Religiosity, Fang Gong, David T. Takuchi, Pauline Agbayani-Siewert, Leo Tacata; Idioms of Distress, Acculturation and Depression - the Puerto Rican Experience, Dharma E. Cortes; Acculturation, Alcohol Consumption, Smoking and Drug Use Among Hispanics, Raul Caetano, Catherine L. Clark.
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