Kabbalah and Consciousness and the Poetry of Allen Afterman

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According to Rodger Kamenetz, Allen Afterman's Kabbalah and Consciousness makes the major traditions of Jewish mysticism more clear and profoundly revealing than any other work on the subject. Elie Wiesel says, "Poetry and mysticism are magnificently reconciled in Allen Afterman's book on Kabbalah's secret imagery and silent invocations." Here also is Afterman's poetry, described by Yehuda Amichai as "an almost private religious poetry for our post-religious age." The book includes an important interview with the author.


Preface ix Acknowledgements xi Introduction 5 I. The Unity of Consciousness 9 1. Man as a Microcosm of Reality 9 2. The Fall of Consciousness 11 II. Perception 16 1. Seeing Through the Sefirot 16 2. Objective and Subjective Perception 17 3. Male and Female Perception 19 4. Seeing with the Eyes of God 21 III Truth 1. Dying for truth 27 2. The Man of Actions 28 3. True Actions: Mitzvot (Commandments) 30 4. Truth and Love 32 IV. Returning Home 35 1. Time Birth and Death Shalom 2. Returning Home: The Circles and Rhythms of Tshuvah 37 The end enwedged into the beginning 37 Hiding and seeking 38 3. The Destined woman 40 V. Passage Through Generations 45 1. Memory 45 2. Reincarnation (Gilgulim) 48 The Universal Soul of Adam 48 Passage Through the Generations 49 VI. The Tzaddik's Mind (Rectified Consciousness) 56 1. The Mind's Transparence 56 2. The Other Side: Imagination and the Unconscious61 3. The Infinite Present 63 4. Fifth Dimensional and Messianic Consciousness 63 VII. Union 1. Meditation 72 2. Song Meditation 74 3. Mystical Union 75 VIII. Pleasing the Land of Israel 84 1. A microcosm of Reality 84 2. Seeding 86 An Overview of the kabbalistic reality 1. The creation and the tzimtzum (withdrawal; contraction) 2. The Five Worlds 94 3. The Tree of Life, the Ten Sefirot 96 4. The Breaking of the Vessels 100 5. Evil and Free Choice 102 6. The Rectification of Reality (Tikkun) 103 Desire for white 111 Biographical Note 129


Allen Afterman was born in Los Angeles in 1941. He studied at UCLA and Harvard Law School, and taught law in New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. In 1972 he retired from teaching and devoted himself to poetry, publishing The Maze Rose (1974) and Purple Adam (1980). In 1980, he immigrated to Israel, where he lived until his death in 1992.


'Poetry and mysticism are magnificently reconciled in Allen Afterman's book on Kabbalah's secret imagery and silent invocations' - Elie Wiesel 'Afterman's book represents illuminating reverberations of Kabbalistic concepts in a poetic consciousness. I consider it a fascinating effort to catch Kabbalah by a sensitive and keen mind' - Professor Moshe Idel, Hebrew University
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