Cities and Regions as Self-Organizing Systems

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Februar 1998



A clear methodological and philosophical introduction to complexity theory as applied to urban and regional systems is given, together with a detailed series of modelling case studies compiled over the last couple of decades. Based on the new complex systems thinking, mathematical models are developed which attempt to simulate the evolution of towns, cities, and regions and the complicated co-evolutionary interaction there is both between and within them. The aim of these models is to help policy analysis and decision-making in urban and regional planning, energy policy, transport policy, and many other areas of service provision, infrastructure planning, and investment that are necessary for a successful society.


1. Inter-Urban Evolution 2. Dynamic Models of Urban Growth 3. The Changing Pattern of Settlement of the USA 4. The Spatial Evolution of Jobs and People in Belgium 5. The Senegal Model 6. Intra-Urban Evolution 7. Towards a Science of Complex Systems 8. Policy Exploration and Decision Support for Sustainable Development 9. Case Studies and Further Developments


"Allen's writing is clear...and technicalities are explained so that the reader can grasp the important points intuitively, in case details elude....It is intended for urban and regional planners of an analytical bent and graduate and under graduate students in planning, geography, and spatial modeling, but would also benefit professionals involved in linking geographic information and decision support systems."
-Journal of American Planning Association
"Peter Allen's highly original - and in many senses unique - work on urban and regional modelling over a number of years has acquired a reputable following."
-Professor Bill Hillier of Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, London, UK
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