The Higher Education Managerial Revolution?

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August 2003



This book offers a unique comparative analysis of the emergence of managerialism in eleven different countries. It examines the response and adaptation of higher education institutions to their external environments. The authors address the key question of how changes in management thinking and practice are affecting internal institutional dynamics in different countries. They share a common view that managerialism as an ideology has not imposed a single, convergent model of behaviour on higher education systems and their institutions. Governments have espoused managerialism, whether as ideology or as practice, to differing degrees and institutions have responded in very different ways largely influenced by their historical, economic, social and cultural backgrounds. The Higher Education Managerial Revolution? is relevant to scholars and students of higher education as well as to institutional managers, government officials, university administrators and university board members.


Shifts In Governance Arrangements: An Interpretation Of The Introduction Of New Management Structures In Higher Education.- New Public Management And Finnish Public Sector Organisations: The Case Of Universities.- Departmental Leadership In Norwegian Universities-In Between Two Models Of Governance?.- Who’S Afraid Of Red, Yellow And Blue? The Colourful World Of Management Reforms.- In Search Of A New Profession: Transformation Of Academic Management In Austrian Universities.- The Rise Of Academic Managerialism In Portugal.- Managerialism In Uk Universities: Unstable Hybridity And The Complications Of Implementation.- Governance And Management Of Australian Higher Education: Enemies Within And Without.- Contested Intellectual Property: The Role Of The Institution In United States Higher Education.- Managerialism Within A Framework Of Cooperative Governance?.- Institutional Evaluation, Management Practices And Capitalist Redesign Of The University: A Case Study.- A Managerial Revolution?.
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