Rose of the World

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Dezember 1997



Completed in 1959, hidden from the Soviet secret police for twenty years, THE ROSE OF THE WORLD was first made public through excerpts in the magazine Novy Mir in 1989. THE ROSE OF THE WORLD is a unique and poetic cosmological treatise, passionately written out of personal spiritual experience. It offers a prophetic call for the spiritual reunification of all people and an open and harmonious relationship among the great world religions. For Daniel Andreev, The Rose of the world is a spiritual flower whose roots are in heaven; each petal is a unique image of the great world religions and cultures, and the whole flower is their joint co-creation with God. Lindisfarne Books is proud to publish the first English translation of this masterpiece of contemporary Russian spiritual literature, a work that belongs to Russian religious thought in the tradition of Vladimir Soloviev, and to the West in the tradition of Dante and Blake-truly a work for the twenty-first century.

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