Genetic Manipulation: Impact on Man and Society

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Februar 2004



Twenty-three papers by the Committee on Genetic Experimentation (COGENE) review recent advances in experimental studies on microorganisms, plants and animals.


Speakers and editors; Preface; The committe on genetic experimentation; The international council of scientific unions; The ICSU Press; Acknowledgements; Part I. Micro-Organisms: 1. Natural mechanisms of microbial evolution Werner Arber; 2. Transitory recombination between phage and plasmid genomes S. D. Ehrlich, M. Dagert, S. Romac and B. Michel; 3. Survival of plasmids in escherichia coli S. B. Levy; 4. Gene cloning and bacterial pathogenicity W. Goebel, J. Hacker, C. Hughes, S. Knapp, H. Hof, D. Muller, A. Juarez and J. Kreft; 5. Selective evolution of genes for enhanced degradation of persistent, toxic chemicals A. M. Chakrabarty, J. S. Karns, J. J. Kilbane and D. K. Chatterjee; 6. Deliberate release of microorganisms for insect control P. Luthy, H. M. Fischer and R. Hutter; Part II. Gene Expression in Plants: 7. Isolation of transposable elements in maize P. Starlinger, U. Courage-Tebbe, H. P. Doring, W. B. Frommer, K. Theres, E. Tillmann, E. Weck and W. Werr; 8. E. coli - A. Tumefaciens shuttle vectors G. E. Riedel and D. A. Austen; 9. Ti plasmids as experimental gene vectors for plants J. Schell, M. Van Montagu, M. Holsters, P. Zambryski, H. Joos, D. Inze, L. Herrera-Estrella, A. Depicker, M. De Block, A. Caplan, P. Dhaese, E. Van Haute, J. P. Hernalsteens, H. De Greve, J. Leemans, R. Deblaere, L. Willmitzer, J. Schroder and L. Otten; 10. Variability in tissue-culture derived plants H. Lorz; Part III. Strategies in the Improvement of Plants: 11. Gene transfer in maize: controlling elements and the alcohol dehydrogenase genes W. J. Peacock, E. S. Dennis, W. L. Gerlach, D. Llewellyn, H. Lorz, A. J. Pryor, M. M. Sachs, D. Schwartz and W. D. Sutton; 12. Potato - a first crop improvement by the application of microbiological techniques? G. Wenzel, H. Uhrig and W. Burgermeister; 13. Long-term goals in agricultural plant improvement P. R. Day; 14. Global activities in plant genetic resources conservation J. T. Williams; 15. Genetic perspectives of germplasm conservation O. H. Frankel; Part IV. Manipulation of the Mammalian Germ Line: 16. Sequence organization of the vertebrate genome G. Bernardi; 17. Genetic manipulation of drosophila with transposable P elements A. Spradling, B. Wakimoto, S. Parks, J. Levine, L. Kalfayan and D. de Cicco; 18. Making a bigger mouse R. D. Palmiter and R. L. Brinster; 19. Retroviruses and mammalian development R. Jaenisch; 20. Chromosome translocations and oncogene activation in burkett lymphoma C. M. Croce; 21. Oncogenic transformation activates cellular genes P. W. J. Rigby, P. M. Brickell, D. S. Latchman, D. Murphy, K. H. Westphal and M. R. D. Scott; 22. Problems of genetic engineering in animal breeding G. F. Stranzinger; 23. In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer: implications for genetic engineering T. L. A. Hunlich, S. Trotnow and T. Kniewald; Subject index.
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