Managing People and Teams

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Januar 2004



Making management ideas easy to grasp, the Managing in the Early Years series provides practical advice on management theory and practice. Focusing on all aspects of staff assessment and the importance of creating an effective childcare environment, this book: includes advice on grounding the approaches to good management in the values of excellent childcare practiceoffers advice on equality & diversity, child development, quality and standards and curriculum and presentationclearly explains every aspect of managing people from support and appraisal to recruitment and inductionprovides clear explanations on how best to communicate and listen to parents.Easy to use and apply, this is a must-have for students, assessors, nursery nurses with an interest in career development into management and anyone working within a early-years environment in a managerial role.


Childcare, childcare, childcare; Managing people; Quality service provision, parents and other customers
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