Designs and Their Codes

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A self-contained account suited for a wide audience describing coding theory, combinatorial designs and their relations.


1. Designs; 2. Codes; 3. Symmetric designs; 4. Geometry of vector spaces; 5.The standard geometric codes; 6. Codes from planes; 7. Hadamard designs; 8. Steiner systems; References.


"...a valuable resource for researchers in either finite geometries or coding theory as well as for algebraists who want to learn about this lively, growing area." Vera Pless, Mathematical Reviews "...the relationship between the two subjects is very much a two-way channel, and the book is a mine of useful information from whichever direction one approaches it...a useful compilation of material which, together with the extensive bibliography, will prove useful to anyone whose research impinges on these topics." N.L. Biggs "...speaks to the tremendous influence the plane of order ten has subsequently had on the analysis and classification of designs in a much broader context than projective planes...a welcome addition to a very exciting and relatively new application of an established discipline to combinatorics...a truly fascinating and useful book. It belongs on the shelves of all those who wish to be current on the state of design theory and who are seeking interesting problems in the field to pursue." M.A. Wertheimer, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
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