Attachment Across the Life Cycle

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Explains the observation that many of the common psychiatric and social problems of adult life have their roots in the early relationship between the child and its mother. Draws together recent theoretical contributions from Europe and the USA.


A. Bitulco, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College;
John Bowlby, Tavistock Clinic, London;
J. Byng-Hall, Tavistock Clinic, London;
T. Harris, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College;
R. Hinde, University of Cambridge;
J. Hopkins, Tavistock Clinic, London;
Colin Murray Parkes, The London Hospital Medical College;
Joan Stevenson-Hinde, University of Cambridge;
K.E. Grossman, University of Regensburg, Germany;
G. Liotti, Rome;
M. Ainsworth, University of Virginia, USA;
J. Bretherton, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA;
C.G. Eichberg, Columbia Associates in Psychiatry, USA;
M. Main, University of California, Berkeley, USA;
P. Marris, University of California, L.A., USA;
M. Radke-Yoorow, National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, USA;
R. Weiss, University of Massachusetts, USA


"[The book] is an enlightening volume and an important update for anyone with even a general interest in the theory of attachment."
-"Contemporary Psychology, 8/92
"The fact that the book presents a coherent picture of recent achievements in the field . . . is a tribute to the excellent editorial work of the three co-editors, all of them leaders in their diverse yet complementary disciplines. The quality of the individual contributions, their integrative non-technical style and their general accessibility make this an exceptional and extremely useful addition to the literature on attachment."
-"Times Higher Educational Supplement
"This impressive volume was the product of a workshop held in 1988, which brought together attachment theorists and researchers from all over the world. These researchers, building upon the seminal ideas of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, have created an intellectually challenging volume that offers a diverse collection of articles on current attachment theory and research."
-"Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal
"Parkes, Stevenson-Hinde and Marris have produces a volume that can help the thoughtful grief clinician and educator to attend to early attachment experiences and to facilitate the use of grief work to heal earlier attachment disruptions. For researchers, the volume offers a sophisticated overview of recent work that evokes apreciation for what has already been developed and excitement for what is yet to come."
-Marla J. Munsen, "Book Reviews
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