Cicero: Letters to Atticus: Volume 3, Books 5-7.9

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The third volume of Dr Shackleton Bailey's edition of the Atticus letters contains a revised version of the text first published in the Oxford Classical Texts in 1961. Like its predecessors, this volume contains a text and selective apparatus, a translation facing each page of text, a full commentary, and indexes.


Foreword; Abbreviations; Text and translation; Commentary; Appendices; Indices; Maps.


'Shackleton Bailey's translation is, one need hardly say, extremely accurate. It serves as a most valuable aid to the understanding of the text and as a complement to the commentary in many passages of particular difficulty ... Shackleton Bailey's commentary may claim a place in the great tradition of commentaries on the Latin prose writers ... It solves many problems, casts light on others which remain unsolved and removes a vast accumulation of traditional rubbish ... The lucidity and economy of this commentary are admirable.' F. R. D. Goodyear, Gnomon ' ... an edition of major importance ... the manuscript problems are surpassing difficulty and their solution is of great importance. Not less than his achievement one admires the courage of the scholar who undertook the task.' Lily Ross Taylor, Classical Philosophy
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