The Agricultural Law of the EC, an Inquiry Into the Admin Law

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Besides providing helpful information in the field of agricultural law, this book will be useful to those interested in the development of other fields of Community law which might follow the same path. An issue of continuing interest in the context of agricultural EC regulations is the conflict existing between national and community objectives and between the relevant EC Directives and their practical implementation by the EC Member States.


Foreword: Preface: PART 1 - THE LEGAL FOUNDATIONS OF THE COMMON ? AGRICULTURAL POLICY: Agriculture in the EC Treaty; The Treaty Provisions on Agriculture. PART 11 - SCOPE AND CONTENTS OF COMMUNITY AGRICULTURAL LAW: Common Market Organisations (1) General Features; Common Market Organisations (II) Common Prices; Common Market Organisations (III) Trade and Production; Common Market Organisations (IV) The Agri-Monetary System; The Financing of the Common Agricultural Policy; Co-ordination of National Aids; Restrictive Practices and Producer Organisations. PART III - COMMUNITY AGRICULTURAL LAW AND THE REGULATION OF THE MARKETS: Market Regulation under the Common Agricultural Policy; Subsidies and Levies (The Application of Amounts); Sanctions and Securities; Force Majeure. PART IV - COMMUNITY AGRICULTURAL LAW AND THE OPERATOR: The Agricultural Legislation; Community Agricultural Law and the Principle of Legal Certainty; Community Agricultural law and the Principle of Non-Discrimination; Community Agricultural Law and the Principle of Proportionality. PART V - STRUCTURE AND PRINCIPLES OF COMMUNITY AGRICULTURAL LAW: The Changing Structure of Community Agricultural Law; Community Agricultural Law: Instrument or Guarantee?. m
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