Michigan's Early Military Forces: A Roster and History of Troops Activated Prior to the American Civil War

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Februar 2003



Michigan has long been proud of its military service, but many of its early accomplishments are unknown to most of the state's residents. This book fills the void in our knowledge by bringing together an impressive array of information on Michigan's armed forces from 1775 to 1860. Here we find the name rank, unit, and dates of service for all known Michigan men who served in the Revolutionary War, Indian Wars, War of 1812, Black Hawk War, Toledo War, Patriot War, and the Mexican-American War. Accompanying histories explain the reasons behind the conflicts and include maps showing all theaters of operations for Michigan troops. The in-depth accounts of the state's role in these hostilities often serve as the first serious and comprehensive studies of the contributions made by its citizens in these events.The book's many points of interest include its treatment of the dramatic Revolutionary War period, when local Indians, British garrisons at Detroit and Mackinac, and a few Michigan men, well placed, held sway over most of the old Northwest. The book also documents "foreigners" who fought for Michigan's cause, with a disproportionate number of soldiers of French descent serving during the War of 1812, and of Irish ancestry serving in the Mexican-American War. Specific information on names of Native American soldiers is not available, but their general roles as combatants are noted. Ultimately, this book stands as a fitting memorial to the many men who took up arms on behalf of Michigan.


Le Roy Barnett, now retired, was the head of reference at the State Archives of Michigan. Roger Rosentreter is the editor of Michigan History Magazine.
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