Selling the True Time: Nineteenth Century Timekeeping in America

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August 2000



This first comprehensive, scholarly history of timekeeping in America studies the transition from local to national timekeeping, a process that led to Standard Time--the worldwide system of timekeeping by which we all live. The book describes the contributions of the railroad industry, university astronomers, clockmakers, and civil and electrical engineers.


Preface; Introduction; Part I. Employing Time (1801-1856); 1. True time and place; 2. Running on time; 3. Telegraphing time, making history; Part II. Dispensing Local Time (1845-1875); 4. Introducing city time; 5. Antebellum observatory time services; 6. Lobbying for time and new technologies; Part III. Promoting a National View of Time (1869-1881); 7. Abbe's Road: uniform time; 8. Shaping a national time circuit; 9. Gauging time accurately; Part IV. Conflict without Resolution (1879-1884); 10. Clashing over time bills; 11. Inventing standard railway time; 12. A failure in time; Part V. Emerging American Technologies (1880-1889); 13. New companies, old business; 14. Two instrument-makers; Part VI. Finished and Unfinished Business (1888-1903); 15. The time peddlers; 16. A severe blow to the progress of science; Epilogue, Appendix; Notes; Index.


Ian R. Bartky is an independent scholar who has written articles on timekeeping for such journals as "Scientific American, Technology and Culture, Railroad History, " and "Sky and Telescope."
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