German Romantic Literary Theory

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The emergence of a new theory of literature in the German Romantic period constituted a decisive turning point in the history of criticism. A view of the literary work and the artistic process developed that diverged sharply from the dominant classicist understanding of aesthetics and poetics. It recognized the infinite changeablility of genres, and asserted the rights of genius and creative imagination. Professor Behler provides a new account of this crucial movement, illustrating each theoretical topic with close reference to a characteristic work by a major writer of the period.


Preface; List of abbreviations; Chronology of early Romanticism; Introduction; 1. Formation and main representatives of early Romanticism in Germany; 2. Poetry in the early Romantic theory of the Schlegel brothers; 3. The theory of Romantic poetry; 4. Novalis and the mystical dimension of early Romantic theory; 5. Wackenroder's and Tieck's conceptions of painting and music; 6. Theory of language, hermeneutics, and encyclopaedistics; 7. Conclusion: early German Romanticism and literary modernity; Notes; Bibliography; Index of works cited; Index of subjects and names.


"...Behler's presentation of the principle themes, interests, and projects of the Jena Romantics and their counterparts in Berlin is thorough and well-grounded. The book's six chapters offer a rich and often finely nuanced portrayal of the blend of philosophy and literature, antiquarian interest and missionary zeal, clear-eyed awareness of concrete reality and fantastic specualtion, that in various ways informs the perspective of early Romanticism." German Quarterly "...German Romantic literary theory remains refreshingly unbiased and accessible." The Wordsworth Circle "This volume is engagingly constructed and written. ...Behler's in-depth familiarity with the span of the Schlegels' careers makes this volume unigue among investigations of Romantic theory." Monatshefte "Ernst Behler's German Romantic Literary Theory is written in plain and understandable English. This fact and the author's intimate knowledge of his subject render the book a good introduction into Early Romanticism." Thomas Wolber, Germanic Notes and Reviews "...Behler presents an in-depth analysis of the thought and literature of the major proponents of early German Romanticism." Jonathan Alexander, South Central Review "Romantic scholars as well as any one interested in the impact of the Romantic movement will benefit from this important study." Bettina Brandt, German Studies Review
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