Tick Bite Fever

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August 2004



Evocative and amusing memoir of growing up in Kenya during the early Seventies. "A hilarious memoir... Enchanting and amazing" "Daily Mail"


Born in Swindon in 1968, Dave Bennun's family moved to Zambia in 1971. In 1973 the family moved to Kenya where they lived for the next 16 years. He has worked at Melody Maker and at Loaded. He is now freelance and writes for The Guardian, Observer, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Telegraph and GQ.


"A hilarious memoir...Enchanting and amazing" The Daily Mail 20040728 "A delight" The Guardian 20040728 "Laugh out loud is an understatement...a wonderful insight into life in Africa from a two-foot high point of view, witty, touching and above all affectionate" The Press Assocation 20040728 "Tick Bite Fever itches with mordant wit - there's at least one turn of phrase per paragraph that gets among your ribs like a feather duster. An excellent memoir" Uncut Magazine 20040728 "Exotic hats off to David Bennun, who has written a book full of warmth and self-deprecating humour" Word Magazine
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