Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces in Probability and Statistics

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Dezember 2003



The book covers theoretical questions including the latest extension of the formalism (therefore of interest to pure mathematicians), as well as more practical ones such as computational issues. It focuses on some of the more fruitful and promising applications, including statistical signal processing, nonparametric curve estimation, random measures, limit theorems, learning theory and some applications at the fringe between Statistics and Approximation Theory. The intention is to put together topics apparently different but sharing the same background. The text is geared to graduate students in Statistics, Mathematics or Engineering, or to scientists with an equivalent level. A lot of examples and applications are given and the book contains a broad variety of exercises so that it can be used as a textbook at a postgraduate level.


1 Theory.- 2 RKHS AND STOCHASTIC PROCESSES.- 3 Nonparametric Curve Estimation.- 4 Measures And Random Measures.- 5 Miscellaneous Applications.- 6 Computational Aspects.- 7 A Collection of Examples.- to Sobolev spaces.- A.l Schwartz-distributions or generalized functions.- A.1.1 Spaces and their topology.- A.1.2 Weak-derivative or derivative in the sense of distributions.- A.1.3 Facts about Fourier transforms.- A.2 Sobolev spaces.- A.2.1 Absolute continuity of functions of one variable.- A.2.2 Sobolev space with non negative integer exponent.- A.2.3 Sobolev space with real exponent.- A.2.4 Periodic Sobolev space.- A.3 Beppo-Levi spaces.
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