Oscillations in Finite Quantum Systems

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April 1994



This book surveys the physics of small clusters of particles undergoing oscillations and vibrations. These oscillations occur in nuclear physics and the physics and chemistry of atomic clusters. First, the authors survey experimental information on collective vibrations in atoms, metal clusters and nuclei, then they develop theoretical tools to understand these findings. Finally, they discuss important vibrational modes observed in the different systems and mechanisms for the damping of vibrational modes and the effects of excitation energy on the modes.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Basic concepts; 3. Theoretical tools; 4. RPA; 5. Dipole oscillations; 6. Surface modes; 7. Compressional modes; 8. Spin modes; 9. Line broadening and the decay of oscillations; 10. Thermal effects; Appendices; References; Index.


"Of interest to anyone studying finite quantum systems in physics or physical chemistry...Very clearly written; the mathematics is presented with unusual finesse." MU, American Mathematical Monthly "...a very interesting book...a successful book." Herman Feshbach, Physics Today
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