Wordsworth, Dialogics and the Practice of Criticism

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Juni 2004



This challenging book uses the case of Wordsworth studies to make a far-reaching survey of modern literary theory and its implications.


Preface; List of abbreviations used in text and notes; 1. Wordsworth, literary history and the constitution of literature; 2. Displacing Coleridge, replacing Wordsworth; 3. Wordsworth's dialogic art; 4. Dialogics of the lyric: a symposium on 'Westminster Bridge' and 'Beauteous Evening'; 5. Social action in 'The Solitary Reaper'; 6. What de Man has made of Wordsworth; 7. The revival of rhetoric and the reading of Wordsworth's Prelude; 8. Theoretical commitments and Wordsworthian pedagogies; 9. Wordsworth, Allan Bloom and liberal education; Index.


Review of the hardback: 'At a moment when academic literary studies are accused of having sunk to a state of savage torpor, Don H. Bialostosky's Wordsworth, Dialogics, and the Practice of Criticism is welcome evidence to the contrary. Bialostosky proceeds from the enlivening premise that Wordsworth criticism doesn't end with the texts of Wordsworth, but includes reflection on how Wordsworth and writers generally have been studied and taught in the academy.' Gerald Graff Review of the hardback: 'At once responsive to current debates and responsible to Wordsworth, Bialostosky proceeds with lucidity and discrimination to renew resources for criticism. Whether primarily concerned with theory, pedagogy, or the value of liberal education, readers will be valuably engaged by Bialostosky's dialogic.' Jonathan Arac
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