Contemporary American Playwrights

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The playwrights covered in this study have among them won most of the available awards and experienced considerable success in the theater. They have not, however, found their way so easily into the academic canon. Christopher Bigsby examines, in some detail, the developing careers of some of America's most fascinating and original dramatic talent: John Guare, Tina Howe, Tony Kushner, Emily Mann, Richard Nelson, Marsha Norman, David Rabe, Paula Vogel, Wendy Wasserstein, and Lanford Wilson. In addition to the well-known works, Bigsby discusses some of their latest plays to reach the stage. This lively and accessible book will be of interest to students, scholars and general theatergoers alike.


Introduction; 1. John Guare; 2. Tina Howe; 3. Tony Kushner; 4. Emily Mann; 5. Richard Nelson; 6. Marsha Norman; 7. David Rabe; 8. Paula Vogel; 9. Wendy Wasserstein; 10. Lanford Wilson; Index.


"Bigsby's study helps fill the void in criticism of contemporary American drama and will be useful as introductions to the playwrights for high school students and college undergraduates." Libraries Unlimited
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