Divine Astrology: The Cosmic Religion: Enlisting the Aid of the Planetary Powers

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September 2005



Presents Astrology in its true sense as a spiritual rather than predictive system.


Lyn Birkbeck began his working life as a musician and record producer and has now been a widely-consulted astrologer for over 20 years. He is the best-selling author of Do It Yourself Astrology, The Astrological Oracle, The Instant Astrologer, and Astro-Wisdom, and lives in the Lake District, England.


Praise for The Instant Astrologer; 'Lyn is one of those rare astrologers who combines profound personal information with an accessible style designed to empower his readers to do it for themselves. This ground-breaking combination of software and book will enable people to look deeply into themselves and their relationships with others. Lyn knows the magic that comes from giving people the freedom to follow their own investigations.' Richard Beaumont, Kindred Spirit 'The brilliant Lyn Birkbeck's new book and CD package, The Instant Astrologer, combines modern technology with the wisdom of the ancients, creating an invitation to enlightenment for the masses, just when we need it most!' Jenny Lynch, Host of NYC's StarPower Astrology Television Show
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