Photonic Crystal Fibres

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September 2003



Photonic Crystal Fibres describes the fundamental properties of the optical waveguides known under the terms of photonic crystal fibres, microstructured fibres, or holey fibres. It outlines how the fibres are designed and fabricated, and how they are treated from a theoretical and numerical point of view. The book presents a detailed description of the different classes of photonic crystal and photonic bandgap fibres, and it broadens out a spectrum of novel applications and new fibre types.


1. Introduction.-
2. Fundamentals of photonic crystal waveguides.-
3. Theory and modelling of microstructured fibres.-
4. Fabrication of photonic crystal fibres.-
5. Properties of high-index core fibres.-
6. Low-index core fibres - the true photonic bandgap approach.-
7. Applications and future perspectives.- Acronyms.- List of variables (including dimensions).


From the reviews:
"The book provides a fundamental overview of the field of photonic crystal fibres, their properties and unique features. ... The book also addresses the issue of the design of efficient structures for the creation of photonic bandgaps ... . This book is not only a very good review but also a comprehensive handbook of the field of PCFs." (Robert Schreiber, Optik, Zeitschrift für Licht- und Elektronenoptik, Issue 116, 2005)
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