Employee Rights and Industrial Justice: Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations 28-1994

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April 2002



The result of work undertaken by the Study Group on Employee Rights and Industrial Justice of the International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA), this bulletin contains a selected group of papers presented at the various meetings of the Study Group, as well as some original papers.


Part 1 General introduction: ethics and employee rights at the workplace, Jacques Rojo. Part 2 General approaches to employee rights and industrial justice: employee rights as human rights, Hoyt N. Wheeler; employee rights and industrial justice - religious dimensions, George E. Ogle; employee rights and industrial justice - Catholic labor policy, James F. Byers; democratizing managerial capitalism - a stakeholder's perspective of rights and responsibilities interactions in the workplace, Chimezie A.B. Osigweh. Part 3 International and national perspectives on employee rights and industrial justice: the impact of contingent employment on worker rights - a comparative analysis, Richard U. Miller; industrial democracy and the political process - issues in South Africa, Frank M. Horwitz; right to security of employment in India, R.S. Kulkarni; procedural justice in the workers' compensation claims process, Karen Roberts and Sandra Gleason; due process in the work place - towards a better model, Richard B. Peterson; non-union grievance procedures - a strategic analysis of organizational due process, Douglas M. McCabe; workers' knowledge of shopfloor rights - a preliminary survey of trade union activists, Ralph A. Johnson and Higdon C. Roberts.
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