Moral Perception and Particularity

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April 2004



This collection of Laurence Blum's essays examines the moral import of emotion, motivation, judgement, perception, and group identifications.


Part I. Particularity: 1. Introduction; 2. Iris Murdoch and the domain of the moral; 3. Moral perception and particularity; Part II. Moral Excellence: 4. Moral exemplars: reflections on Scindler, the Trocmes, and others; 5. Vocation, friendship, community: limitations of the personal/impersonal framework; 6. Altruism and the moral value of rescue: Resisting persecution, racism, and genocide; 7. Virtue and community; Part III. The Morality of Care: 8. Compassion; 9. Moral development and conceptions of morality; 10. Gilligan and Kohlberg: implications for moral theory; 11. Gilligan's two voices and the moral status of group identity.


"His [Blum's] examples are illuminating, and he gives a useful step-by-step summary of how a person moves from moral perception to action based on principle." Ethics "This is a complex book, and it raises important challenges to traditional moral theories... all moral theorists, regardless of their preferences, will benefit from this work." Philosophical Books "If there are any doubts that the writings of Iris Murdoch have spawned creative work in moral philosophy, Lawrence Blum's recent collection of essays should put them to rest...Blum's collection has much to commend it." The Journal of Religion
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