Song on Record: Volume 2

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September 2004



This second volume of Song On Record covers the repertory of song not included in the category of Lieder. It contains chapters on the major French composers, on Russian, Scandinavian, Spanish and American song, on Bartok and Janacek, Britten and English song, and ends with a bonne bouche entitled 'Encore.'


Introduction; 1. Berlioz David Cairns; 2. Duparc Alan Blyth; 3. Gounod, Chabrier, Chausson, Hahn Alan Blyth; 4. Faure: ten songs Richard Fairman; 5. Faire: song cycles Richard Fairman; 6. Debussy David Murray; 7. Ravel Jeremy Sams; 8. Poulenc Jeremy Sams; 9. Spanish song Michael Oliver; 10. Mussorgsky Stephen Johnson; 11. Tchaikovsky: ten songs David M. Jackson; 12. Rachmaninov: ten songs David M. Jackson; 13. Scandinavian song Robert Layton; 14. Bartok and Janacek David Murray; 15. Britten Michael Kennedy; 16. English song John Steane; 17. American song Will Crutchfield; 18. Encore John Steane; Indices.


"...a valuable book, and one which any lover of the German art-song will frequently consult." Times Literary Supplement "...this current series is extremely useful for music libraries and for devotees of classical song." Dean Tudor, American Reference Books Annual "Alan Blyth provides an entertaining and engaging survey of recorded art song outside of Germany, lieder having been the topic of his well-received Song on Record, 1." Arne J. Arneson, Notes
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