Monetary Regimes in Transition

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This important contribution to comparative economic history examines different countries' experiences with different monetary regimes.


List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; 1. Introduction Michael D. Bordo and Forrest Capie; Part I. Commodity Money Standards in Transition: 2. The scramble for gold: monetary regime transformation in the 1870s Giulio M. Gallarotti; 3. The Latin Monetary Union and the emergence of the international gold standard Angela Redish; 4. Greenback resumption and silver risk: the economics and politics of monetary regime change in the United States, 1862-1900 Charles W. Calomiris; Part II. Successful and Unsuccessful Adherence to the Gold Standard: 5. Spain during the classical gold standard years, 1880-1914 Pablo Martin-Acena; 6. Canada and the gold standard, 1871-1914: a durable monetary regime Trevor J. O. Dick and John E. Floyd; 7. Australia's payments adjustment and capital flows under the international gold standard, 1870-1913 David Pope; Part III. Wartime Upheaval and Postwar Stabilization: 8. British and French finance during the Napoleonic Wars Michael D. Bordo and Eugene N. White; 9. Interpreting a change in monetary policy regimes: a reappraisal of the first Hungarian hyperinflation and stabilization, 1921-1928 Pierre L. Siklos; 10. Halting inflation in Italy and France after the Second World War Alessandra Casella and Barry Eichengreen; 11. The rise and fall of credit controls: the case of Sweden, 1939-1989 Lars Jonung; Part IV. Perspectives on Monetary Regimes: 12. An assessment of monetary regimes Anna J. Schwartz; Index.


'... well-produced and thought-provoking set of essays ...' Tim Congdon, Times Literary Supplement
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