Working with Secondary Students Who Have Language Difficulties

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Januar 2001



Language is the foundation of everything that goes on at school and is critical for formal learning and to interact socially. This book represents a whole school approach that includes tips for: identifying pupils with language learning difficulties following the book's simply explained guidelines; helping pupils overcome stumbling blocks by using the book's practical classroom strategies; modifying the schools curriculum to best support pupils with language learning difficulties; and timesaving resources in photocopiable format.


Introduction; Part 1: The language learning disabled student; Language development and LLD - What goes wrong?; Characteristics of students with LLD; Adolescence and LLD - A potent mix; Social skills and language; Part 2: Teaching the language learning disabled student; Organisation for independence at school; Preteaching; Reading; Libraries and research; Skills across the curriculum; Writing; School and beyond - Skills to help in everyday life; Part 3: Modifying the curriculum; Framework for modifying curriculum; How to modify the amount of work; How to modify the complexity of tasks; How to modify tests, assessments and reports; References and futher reading; Appendix; Index
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