The New Politics of Race and Gender: The 1992 Yearbook of the Politics of Education Association

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Juni 1994



Provides an overview of the political historical context of race and gender politics in schools, followed by an in-depth analysis. The chapters include work of scholars and policy analysts on policy and policy implementation at all levels of school politics in the USA, Australia, and Israel.


Part 1 Cutting Across Race and Gender: Accountability, invisibility and the politics of numbers - School report cards and race, Carolyn D. Herrington; Race Ideology and the battle over curriculum, Carolyn B. Cody, Arthur Woodward and David Elliot; The micro-politics of student voices - Moving from diversity of bodies to diversity of voices in schools, Gary L. Anderson and Kathryn Herr; Business involvement in school reform - The rise of the business round table, Kathryn Borman, Louis Castenell and Karen Gallagher. Part 2 Issues of Race in the midst of reform: Do African American males need race and gender segregated education - An educator's perspective and a legal perspective, Kevin Brown; Community Politics and the education of African American males - Whose life is it anyway?, Kal Alston. Part 3 Is There a New Politics of Gender?: The under- representation of women in school leadership, Colleen Bell and Susan Chase; The feminization of the principalship in Israel - The trade off between political power and co-operative leadership, Ellen Goldring and Michael Chen; What's working for girls? - The reception of gender equity policy in two Australian schools, Jill Blackmore, Jane Kenway, Sue Willis and Leonie Rennie. Part 4 Summary, Reaction and Critique: Race, gender and the cultural assumptions of schooling, Fazal Rizv.
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