Russians on Russian Music, 1830 1880: An Anthology

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Januar 2004



This substantial anthology of Russian writing on Russian music features the most influential critics of music in nineteenth-century Russia.


Preface; Introduction; List of sources; 1. Glinka's operas; 2. The 1840s and 1850s; 3. The Conservatoire controversy - a clash of ideals; 4. New ideas about opera; 5. New operas; 6. The 1860s, opera apart; 7. Opera in the 1870s; 8. The 1870s, opera apart; Index.


'... its value remains unquestionable ... a large drop in a very important ocean'. Musical Times 'The volume is a pleasure on several levels. Not only does it make engrossing reading for slavicists, but it also fills in a major gap for those whose major background is in music rather than in Russian.' Peter G. Christensen, Slavic and East European Journal '... this book makes a welcome continuation of Dr Campbell's earlier review of Russian musical criticism ... attractively produced and well selected for the variety and significance of the critical pieces. Many of them convey a strong impression of the vitality and, particularly, direction of Russian music at this exciting period in its development.' Arnold McMillin, SEER
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